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Welcome to Sanus Artificium

Sanus Artificium is the place where you can find free software for music creation, music downloads, sound engineering information like mixing recording editing, tips tricks, a few how-to’s and much more.

Small, brief biography


My name is Sasha, I was born November 23th,1980 in former USSR republic of Belarus and at age 11 successfully immigrated to Israel with my family. I am older between two brothers.

I am web developer, spare time musician … My set of tools include CSS, html, PHP, angularJs and sometimes node and bash, guitars and computers are obvious.

At August 28th, 2008 I’ve married my high-school sweetheart Katy and we both live happily in Jerusalem, Israel. At June of 2011 we had addition to our little family – our wonderful daughter Emily was born.

Sound engineer by profession but my other big passion is web and currently my main day job is web applications designer and developer.

What is Sanus artificium anyway …

So what is the name mean?

SANUS (Latin) sound, ARTIFICIUM (Latin) craft work

The idea for this name came from nowhere and it indicates nothing as it probably should because sanus artificium is a bunch of projects brought together and presented in this web site. Most of them music or sound related – thus the “sanus” in the name.

Many of project files are freely available for download and use from their respective areas. As music compositions can be found at Music page, virtual synthesizer plug-ins can be found at VST instruments page, virtual effect plug-ins can be found at VST effects page, PHP and other scripts at PHP scripts page, graphic elements at Graphics page ans so on.


Downloads in this site mostlly come compressed in .zip containers for space saving, if you need any de-compression software here are several to choose from – 7-zip, iZarc, WinZip, WinRar.

Licenses and read-me files mostlly come in .pdf format so you will need adobe reader.

Have fun,

Sasha Khamkov