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mkhere - create files based on pre-defined templatesCommand line utility used to create files based on pre-defined templates.Usage as simple as: $ mkhere templatename.js newfilenamecode, node, cmd

Cross-platform Desktop GitHub Gist code snippet managerGisto is a Cross-platform snippets management desktop application that allows you and/or your team share code snippets fast and easily. Based on GitHub Gists Infrastructure which means you can use all your existing snippets by connecting your GitHub account! Gisto started as an attempt to fulfill the lack of a syntax highlighted and cloud synchronized code snippet solution.You may thing of Gisto as Evernote for code.This is cooperation project with the great @maayanglikserUpdateWe recently started to offer commit triggered nightly builds that can be found at Or go strait to the latestFeatures GitHub integration Gist tagging Quick in-place editing Drag & drop to create gist/add file Search filter gists Clipboard support Revision browser Change gist public/private state UI Themes Copy to clipboard Fast share gist with another Gisto user Direct GitHub access 3 ways of authentication (basic, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and with oAuth2 token directly)javascript, AngularJs

Node-webkit build shell scriptNode-webkit shell builder for node-webkit applications.This script can be easily integrated into your release process.It will download node-webkit 32/64bit for Linux, Windows and OSX and build for all 3 platforms from given source directory.The script is written mainly to help with building proccess of Gisto and currently serves as part of our automatic nightly

Image Side Slide jQuery plug-injQuery plug-in which will slide/animate background image position of an DOM element through number of predefined positions.code, JavaScript, jQuery

Tag-cloud PHP scriptThis is an easy to configure Tag-cloud script that will randomize the display of your links.code, php, tag cloud

Form generation classThis PHP class can be used to compose and generate HTML forms programmatically It can compose a form by call functions that add inputs, labels, required input marks and line breaks.PHP, html, class