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Gisto: snippet management tool for desktop

Jun 10, 2013 by Sasha Khamkov

In a last past month me and my colleague @maayanglikser was busy authoring a little open source project of ours, “gisto”. Gisto is an cross-platform code/note snippets management tool using GitHub’s gist API to save, retrieve and manage code snippets or any textual data on that matter.

Idea for Gisto cam out of a need of basic code snippets management that can also be shared between team members. We used to use Evernote for about a year now, but the lack of features like syntax highlighting or even basic code formatting are not possible as the editor is more like the one found in Office software.

GitHub’s gist service on the other hand, can serve a solid snippet database and adding to this great API – can be a ready to use back-end to any project that want to make managing snippets a bit easier.

It was also a great chance to learn something new, that’s how AngularJs came into equation. AngularJs is a very neat JavaScript framework that taking very unusual approach by extending HTML elements usage and wonderful model binding.

Most notable features are:

  • GitHub integration
  • Gist tagging
  • Quick in-place editing
  • Drag & drop to create gist/add file
  • Search/filter gists
  • UI Themes
  • Copy to clipboard

Offline access to gists management is planned to be integrated into full release.

Gisto is made with help of:

The code is available at GitHub under MIT license.

You can download it from the project website or fork it on GitHub